Saturday 31 October 2015

Can we just go back to the start?

Anyone who watched Cold Feet first time around will remember three couples, six friends, living in faltering relationships and generally not making a great advertisement for marriage - falling in and out of love - sometimes with each other, sometimes not. I was the same age as these people back in the nineties and found the whole thing mesmerising. And having a soft spot for Helen Baxendale I always thought Rachel could have done better than Adam. As it turned out, it was all immaterial. Life really is too short.

Sometimes all we want to do in life is stand up and say: 'Can we just go back to the start?'


  1. *sighs* Helen Baxendale. Though I think I always fancied her more as the cold and cynical Dr Claire Maitland in the excellent Cardiac Arrest. I did love Cold Feet at the time though

    1. Here's the thing. My *soft spot* for her never turned into full on *fancying*. Even when she pitched up in Friends. I think we could have been friends that would have been quite happy just having a coffee together.

      Who am I kidding?

  2. I was I suppose the same age too - 35 when it launched 40 when it stopped. Hmmm... Fay Ripley was my favourite - I recently helped her stow her luggage on a train ... not a euphemism by the way...