Saturday 3 October 2015

I hate to see you cry

For reasons not entirely of my own making, the playlist in my car over recent weeks has comprised, seemingly, more than its fair share of tear jerkers: everything from Del Amitri's Driving With The Brakes On and Ben Kweller's Thirteen to Another Train by Pete Morton and I Can't Let Go Of Her Now by Justin Currie. All tunes that have featured in this blog at some time or other.

Something inside me stirs whenever I hear a minor chord and before I know it I'm reaching for the Kleenex. We had friends round recently who'd never heard Baz Lurhmann's life affirming Everyone's Free To Wear Sunscreen; when I pressed play I really had to bite my lip before doing a Mick Hucknall. It's unnerving how certain pieces of music can still creep up on me.

So, after today's offering from Alan Hull I should really try and make future selections more upbeat than down - more anthems and less dirges. But I can't promise. And, anyway, I love sad songs.

Alan Hull - I Hate To See You Cry


  1. The day I cease being moved by a seemingly simple tune, someone had better be checking for my pulse.

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  3. I'm with you on the sad songs. Recently I was attempting to learn Elton John's Sorry seems to be the hardest word. The words are powerful, but when I got to the Bm chord, it tipped me over the edge and I started sobbing. That's a song packed with notes to make your eyes water and I love it, it stirs up all the dead leaves from the corners of your soul. Bring it on.

    Over the Hill