Tuesday 4 August 2015

My little town

At last night's Songwriters Circle one of our new recruits from outside the region commented on just how many songwriters there are in my little town. And she's got a point.
We then embarked on a sort of flashback episode where we counted all current and past members who have been coming to our group in the last five years or so - and it really is an impressive list. And it's funny how, despite the makeup of the group, we never get the same combination of musicians in any two back to back meetings. I'm hoping to do some Q&As with one or two of them on the blog (with links to their great songs) - so keep an eye out for a new mini-series.


  1. New recruit from outside the region here! It's even more impressive that you have so many talented and motivated songwriters right there in Pickering and that you have a different line up each meet. You're obviously a hotbed of creativity and have the ability to make it happen too. A far cry from my own town (which shall remain nameless..... Oh go on then -Thirsk) where contemporary folk music events are poorly attended and the get up and go seems to have got up and gone. Well done people of Pickering, you should be proud. Note to self: work on a move eastwards.

    1. I love the fact that you come, quite literally, up hill and down dale just to play with us. And I love your songs.

  2. Cheers JM, that's praise indeed :-). And I may be over the hill, but you're all worth it!