Thursday 13 February 2014


Most of my friends are familiar with the acronyms and personalised shorthand that litter my texts. It's not that I'm lazy, and I'm certainly not a lover of txtspk, but there are times when there just isn't time to punch the whole thing out in longhand.

So when a friend texted me yesterday that The Wave Pictures are playing their local venue next month and would we like to come over and stop the night and that they've bought a new house I just replied with my usual EMBV.

EMBV, 'Excellent' in a Mr. Burns voice, is the perfect response to so many of the text messages I receive. 

But I obviously hadn't used this on Suzie and Liam before.

'I'm sorry, I don't understand' came the reply. 'We've even looked up EMBV and it said estimated mucosal blood volume, and I don't think you meant that.'


  1. I shall claim EMBV as my own invention with immediate effect.

  2. I love that. EMBV. Perhaps we could try to get it into common parlance, along with snazzy?

    1. I feel an alternative dictionary coming on.