Saturday 19 October 2013

The One After 808

Sun Ra

Graham Massey, Madchester legend and the brains behind 808 State has put together a new combo. The one time Acid guru has collected a dozen of Manchester's finest, scooped 'em up and shared with them his love of Saturn dweller and jazz polymath Sun Ra: The Part Time Heliocentric Cosmo Drama After School Club are a twelve piece ensemble who, under Massey's orchestration, are currently tearing up venues in the North West. And one look at this video from their recent Liverpool gig will testify that the experience leaves everyone in the room shaken and stirred. The young lad on keys (front right) a.k.a. The Number One Son - who when he joined the band tweeted 'I've joined a cult' - tells me they hope to be recording an album real soon.


  1. Paddy Steer should get most of the credit ,He s a key figure in our musical community.( overly modest but well loved)
    . We all have a long history of music projects
    together ,this is just another fun aside. We have covered Sun Ra tunes over the years with Homelife ,Toolshed and The 3 Pronged Audio Bath.
    Cheers Graham..heres some of our other projects below.

    1. Thanks for that Graham. I'll make sure Paddy gets fully credited in future! And good luck with all your projects.