Wednesday 16 October 2013

Lazy Susan


In 1972 my hormones were all over the place. My bedroom walls were a homage to, essentially, four bricklayers in drag. Brian Connolly was just a ball of confusion to any pre-pubescent second year oik waiting for his voice to break. The man who sang Block Buster! and who would burst out of our rented telly every Thursday night used to wear eye liner and lip gloss - and I never batted an eyelid. But I did manage to find room high up on one of my walls for one chick: by day she would masquerade as David Cassidy's sister in The Partridge family, but, by night, conjuring up images of Susan Dey sure beat counting sheep.

Larry Carlton - Lazy Susan


  1. On the one hand she was like the girl next door. On the other...

  2. Just spotted this post attached to the Crow one (great picture but foreboding).

    Yes, as we are the same age, the pictures on my wall would have been similar but in my case there would have been Sweet and the whole of the Patridge Family featuring one of my favourite teen idols David Cassidy. Just finished Allison Pearson's book I Think I Love You all about 2 thirteen-year-old girls who lived through that time and eventually got to meet their idol as middle aged women. Allison Pearson added a transcript of the interview she did with DC in 2004 and found it amusing that he couldn't remember the lyrics to some of his songs, but she could. He of course died last year and suffered from dementia.

    1. If you haven't already read Cassidy's autobiography Alyson, you really should. One of the best of its type (and it answers the whole Susan Dey did they/didn't they mystery. I really liked him and was deeply saddened when I heard he'd gone.

    2. I haven't but I suppose I should really, although any remaining naive pre-teen memories of him would finally be dashed forever wouldn't they. I did love the Allison Pearson book though as she is also a 1960 baby (tail end of the baby boomer generation) so I can relate to just about everything she writes about. Scarily so.

      That title Lazy Susan made me smile as having just rewatched a few episodes of Life On Mars, I was already reminded of '70s dinner parties and all the naff paraphernalia that went along with them. Changed days.

      I did finish Moondust however, the book you previously recommended, last month. Strange that the most famous of all astronauts was the one who slid into relative obscurity after the Apollo missions preferring to leave that world (unintentional pun) behind him. Now it seems there is soon to be a big block-buster movie released about him.

    3. So glad you read Moondust - it's a great read, isn't it? I saw the trailer for the Armstrong film at the pictures this afternoon.

      We have a Lazy Susan for when we play Scrabble - we spin the board around on it!

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  3. Aha - they still come in handy then. Great idea.

    We dropped by the local cinema this afternoon for an Oct programme - will probably see it towards the end of next month. Off to see King of Thieves on Saturday, the one about the Hatton Garden heist.