Wednesday 1 August 2012

If you like it, that's fine

  Olympic rings outnumber spectators

This is not a tirade against The Olympics, it's not even me having a pop at everyone in the country pretending to like rowing, cycling and equestrian events*. It's not even me getting upset that swimming pools are now called Aquatic Centres.

I really wish I could raise enough strength to rail against the BBC for having every single TV channel, radio station and website tuned to '2012'. Propaganda doesn't even come close. And, please, don't get me started on what you can and can't take into the stadiums (stadia?), breathtaking opening ceremonies, ticket prices, empty seats, Seb Coe, badminton cheats, Olympic legacies, doping, medal tables, the greatest Olympian of all time, yadah, yadah, yadah.

I don't care. No, really, I don't.

The rest of the population can sit in front of their 52" surround sound entertainment centres and bite their nails to the quick while one man runs a little bit faster than the next or jumps a tad higher than him. I, meanwhile, will be seeking solace in any pub, cafe or drop-in centre that does not have a television. On the other hand, I'll probably just stay at home and thank the Lord that it will all be over in about the same time it takes some drug fuelled flossy to swim two lengths of the baths.

* We do appear to be good at sports that involve sitting down, don't we?


  1. Well I am watching the swimming when I can but then I would watch that outside the Olympics. I like cycling as well athletics leaves of cold as does Mott of the s?tv of it after this week I will be done with it. Some of the news coverage has annoyed me as it is tabloid nonsense I get more upset at the BBC about that.

  2. I agree... Mr SDS and I manage to live in a bit of a bubble, with both of us working from home we don't have to join in with coffee machine discussions etc and we only turn our tiny TV on to watch the things we choose, it's only really the reports on my internet home page which remind me that the Olympics are going on at all! And that's fine, I've never had any interest in sport and that's not going to change. What I find hard is the *expectation* to be into it - bit like Christmas - if you don't want to get into it then it doesn't make you a miserable sod, but it seems people think you are if you don't embrace it with the same enthusiasm as them. But I don't mind if people ARE into it...their choice...Why does the criticism only seem to work the other way around, eh?!

  3. It appears that the assumed default position is that we all opted in to this a number of years ago and that is why we've got saturation coverage now. We weren't given any choice; at least The Proms channel seems to have stuck two fingers up to the five rings (sorry if that sounds rude).