Monday 13 August 2012

Cease and Desist (aka Hello, Hooray)

This post, from April 2010, was taken down by Blogger yesterday; it contained Alice Cooper's 'Hello, Hooray'. I removed the music and they reassigned the post with today's date.  

We can all be accused of seeing things that aren't there from time to time. And I guess I've often been seen barking up wrong trees or making a hash of the 2 + 2 sum. But surely, not this time: my curry takeaway of choice have, on the front of their menu, a homage to Vincent Damon Furnier aka Alice Cooper. Haven't they? What do you mean it's nothing like the Billion Dollar Babies sleeve? I'll get my coat.

Moving swiftly on, it was good to see The Rooms boutique B & B in Lytham St Annes get a great write up in yesterday's Sunday Times magazine. In its feature on the evolution of the full English breakfast, Andy and Jackie Baker's gaff is praised to the max. We stopped there last year and can honestly say that their breakfast lives up to its reputation as the finest in the country. Andy hits the nail on the head when talking about one of his local suppliers: "Janet comes down here with a tray of eggs that are still covered in shit, straight out of the chicken's arse. You don't get fresher than that." Quite.


  1. John Medd, you have me giggling now! Have you had a look at Lemon Drizzle blog? I think it's your humour!!!

  2. Funny enough I'm on a big 'ol Alice buzz at the mo, and have been playing little else than his 70's output for the last couple of weeks.. That guy really doesn't get the respect he deserves, amazing albums (crap one now though!)

    I think your menu has the vague look about it, but i'm sure it's more luck than judgement... hold on though, look at some of those dishes...

    Billion Dollar Balti's
    I Love The (Nan) Bread
    Alo Hooray
    No More Mr (Pilau) Rice Guy

    I take it all back, you nailed it John ;-)


  3. Don't Alice's 'people' have anything better to do? You're right about that menu. Time for an early AC revival (up to and including 'Muscle of Love').