Sunday, 5 August 2012


I've just read A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen. It tells of how a stray ginger Tom cat, quite literally, saved the life of recovering heroin addict living in sheltered accommodation in north London.

James Bowen's story charts when he first encountered Bob (at a bad time in both their lives) to busking together in Covent Garden, travelling on London buses together and sharing a flat together and is told in such a way that it's never mawkish - the redemptive qualities of their relationship comes off the pages very subtly. The book never shies away from the utter desperation and helplessness of a recovering drug addict but demonstrates that by putting purpose, and something to live for, back in your life can be the lifeline you need; you've just got to reach out for it when someone throws it at you.


  1. the family have just got a new kitten and I love how it affects the children who might otherwise be rather "don't carish" the book sounds great.

  2. I heard this chap being interviewed on Radio 4 a few months ago. He almost had me weeping, and I'm as hard as nails(ish). I might go for the book...

  3. I wrote this post five months ago and it is still getting over 50 hits a day: Bob has really struck a chord with people. No wonder then that it's soon to be made into a film.