Sunday 8 April 2012

Private Pepper

Still to earn their stripes

In the overly populated world of Beatles tribute bands, news reached Medd Towers this week that a bunch of wealthy hopefuls with familiar surnames may soon be added to the census.

This despite the fact that there must be a homage to the Fab Four playing in every town in the western world on a Saturday night. So what will this hapless quartet bring to the table? And what will they play? The set-list will write itself - any original material they decide to throw in will give everyone chance to empty their bladders and or refill their glasses; I saw Macca Jnr. a couple of years back and despite the fact that he couldn't even fill a small club in the East Midlands, it goes without saying that this new behemoth will have their sights set on the arena and festival circuit.

Anyway, this will play out over the coming months like some cheap docusoap and, hopefully, will soon be yesterday's chip wrappers. But not before, one would like to think, they first bring in Pete Best's son and get their manager to drop him like a stone.

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