Monday 23 April 2012

The day after the Lord Mayor's Show

Like the puppy given as a present on Christmas Day, your record store needs you to be there for it the other 364 days in the year; just because the lines started forming in the early hours of Saturday morning and resembled war time ration queuing by opening time, I'm guessing that, once inside, you could swing a few cats around today.

For the record, I pitched up at Jumbo Records in downtown Leeds. Dodgy, everyone's favourite comeback kids, played an exquisite 40 minute sent on the top deck of an identikit shopping centre; a perfect warm up for next week's gig at The Lexington in London's swinging Islington.

They were well received, even though the slack-jaws on the escalators wired to their i-Pods couldn't work out why anyone would want to take an hour out of their day and watch (free) live music.

I shelled out for a copy of Stand Upright In A Cool Place on which Matthew, Andy and Nigel were good enough to scrawl their monikers. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.


  1. I didn't get chance because of work, but over the next year or so my long-held plan to buy up half of Disc Discovery in Hull will finally come to fruition.

  2. There's not a record shop within a 220 miles of me now, a sad state of affairs given my love of vinyl. Only the occasional forays to Glasgow allows me to sate my hunger. If I had the money I'd open my own temple to the vinyl medium.

  3. There's one opened on the road to the station I walk down every day - however, not open at 6:30 am as I walk down in the morning or 6:30pm at night as I trudge back... :-(