Wednesday 18 January 2012

Ahead of his time

 Lieutenant Green: minus 29 today

Lt. Green. Born January 18th., 2041, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Unmarried - real name Seymour Griffiths. British Subject.

The severely underrated Barry Gray and his deft scores complimented Gerry Anderson's world of Supermarionation perfectly. This piece is no exception; I'd be very surprised if funkmeisters such as Craig Charles, those fine people at Blow Up or Mondo haven't played this to death at sometime or other. 

Barry Gray: White As Snow


  1. We were only talking about all things Anderson on Podrophenia last night. Mostly his second live action series The Protectors - and how did they fit 3 heavy hitting leads and a resolving story arc into a 'done in one' 30 minute episode..

  2. My favourite is the Joe 90 theme tune, with all that electric guitar and mellotron duelling. Unfortunately it's one of his lesser-known tunes, probably because Joe 90 was rubbish.

  3. I liked the dark mood of the Captain Scarlet opening credits. I liked Captain Black even as a deluded urchin.
    I love the Protectors 'Avenues and Alleyways' theme. Matched my flares eloquently.
    Joe 90 was indeed rubbish as I recall. Secret Service was marginally better, but only just - Secret Agent Vicar indeed! My favourite was UFO, the live action mixed with model toys and lassies in string vests.
    I also enjoyed watching the Stingray re-runs as a teenager, you know 'anything can happen in the next half hour'.
    Brilliant telly.