Wednesday 4 January 2012

Have you got 4 together?

If George Harrison was feeling mischievous when asked for his autograph he'd often sign not just his own moniker, but those of John, Paul and Ringo too.

I wonder if he did mine?


  1. Maybe he did. The 'n's and the 'e's look quite similar on the sigs from Paul, John and George. Ringo's could be anyone though, even himself.

    Are you aiming to do all of the 366 days this year? Admirable.

  2. OP - I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that mine are just facsimiles of the 4 sigs on a crumpled napkin. It cost me bugger all on eBay but they look FAB mounted and framed. Unless I've seen the sleb sign their name in front of me I'm very sceptical of the whole autograph business. Who wouldn't be?

    366 numbered posts? Admirable it may be. But already I'm crying off - a few days in the sun starting Friday means I won't even complete the first 31.

  3. Awww John, I wanted to believe that they were real. At least one of them anyway.

    Enjoy your hols.