Thursday 5 January 2012


I was lucky enough to see The 'Oo twice. The first time with Keith Moon (Charlton '76) and then again at Wembley in '79 with Kenney Jones. The Number One Son then picked up the baton in 2007 at his first (and last - he came back with trench-foot) Glastonbury when Ringo Jnr. was thumping the pagan skins.

Google will probably prove me wrong, but I'm (almost) certain they played this at all 3 gigs.


  1. Never saw them live - I watched Quadrophenia the other day as it was on the telly... my biggest "one that got away" story is that... I was in the running to join the band (Cross Section) that feature in the opening sequence in the club. Bizarrely prior to landing the film roll they were mostly a Status Quo type outfit all with long hair and denims. In the end they, not surprisingly, recruited Phil Kitto not me and went on to obscurity after that! Mark Tapper (they drummer) was replaced with my mate Dave Hasley for a while before Dave left them to join my prog rock outfit Unforgotten King... who in it's very last guise featured, Mark Tapper on drums after Dave had upsticks (sic) to Brighton...

    Phil Kitto once featured in a Eurovision contest entry playing bass in some outfit - not sure if they were only on the UK voting bit or actually the entry

    So, very nearly my 3(0) seconds of fame there... however still would have preferred to have been Phil Daniels and have the chance to take Lesley Ash up a back alley... :-)

  2. Never lucky enough to see them live - although they did play Southend a couple of times in the 60s. But tell me you've seen the Albert Hall show from 2000 with Bongo Jr on drums. You can get it on DVD for pennnies

  3. I was lucky enough to be taken to see them play in Birmingham, in 1982, by a long term fan. Thank you Simon.

    I was much more casual than him about seeing them, truth be told, but was totally sold by how very good they were. A bit like when I saw the Rolling Stones a few years after that. I'm glad I went.

    I thought that the date I saw them was more like 1986, but Wikipedia tells me otherwise, emphasising that they only played 2 dates in the UK in 1982, and therefore how lucky I was to go.

    5.15 was played.