Monday 5 July 2010

Making Contacts

We're going north of the border to hook up with my cousin and his family. Ray lives in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, but has won a holiday at some swanky place in Perthshire; so we'll be drinking pints of heavy and feasting on haggis for a few days.*

When we get up there I'll be telling him about David Bailey's latest exhibition; Ray's a huge Beatles fan (probably why he's always been my favourite cousin**) and, amongst Bailey's many contact sheets of The Stones, Michael Caine, The Kray twins et al, are the iconic snaps he took of Lennon & McCartney looking, for the most part, happy in each other's company. Bailey nailed them that day. Of the shoot he said: 'They were culturally so different. Paul was a nice guy, John was an a***hole and I like the a***holes.'

It runs from July 7 to August 13 at Hamiltons Gallery W1. See you there.

John Lennon Interview

* With apologies to any Scottish readers. Well at least I didn't mention deep fried Mars Bars.

** What I like to do he doesn't? No, you're confusing him with my perfect cousin.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the Bailey exhibition. He's been in my mind since I saw him wandering round the Wellcome Collection a couple of weeks ago. I'll definitely go.

  2. I guess 'nice guy' and 'a***hole' was the right combination.

  3. ISBW - Does he insist on being called Bailey, now?

    C - I'm sure DB had it right, though Macca can have his 'moments' (allegedly).

  4. Keep an eye out for Tom Murray exhibitions - a sixties snapper mainly working with the Royal Family and aristo's. He got invite from Don McCullin to help out on shoot a for a pop group session. Which turned out to be The Fab's Mad Day Out. We stumbled across the opening night of an expo in the Cotswolds a few years back and got the chance to have a chat with Tom - I'll mail you a pic...

  5. I believe he does, in a sort of self-mocking way (he humorously corrected Matthew Parris, when he did a Great Lives with him about Picasso), though I wouldn't have dared call him anything. He caught me looking at him and I felt ashamed.

  6. Sounds like a winner to me JM, and i'm up 'smoke' in a couple of weeks too. Will try and bag this one. Is it a freemans do you know, or is there a cost to get in? Not being tight, just like to be prepared!


  7. probably the best one line summing up of the greatest song writing partnership ever don't you think?