Saturday 3 July 2010

Speak Up!

Some of the most interesting records in my collection, and I guess yours too, comprise just the human voice with little or no accompaniment. You may want to call it poetry - and yes, I've got plenty of sublime spoken word pieces (in various formats) by, among others, John Betjeman, Ian McMillan, Hovis Presley, John Cooper Clarke, even Peter Sellers. But other prime examples fall between the cracks - into that muddy area iTunes call Unclassifiable. I'm thinking Barry Adamson's Here In The Hole, James Yorkston's Woozy with Cider, maybe even Coney Island by Van Morrison. And for those of a nervous disposition you can even try Love And Death And An American Guitar by Jim Steinman.

But what I've brought to today's Show and Tell is from Australian film director and maverick Baz Luhrmann. Instead of going into chapter and verse (sorry) about it, just hit the play button and work it out for yourselves.

Baz Luhrmann: Everbody's Free To Wear Sunscreen


  1. Brilliant, not heard that for ages!
    So much sense in it, I think I would like to play that to my daughter every morning.

  2. Oh john medd just listened to ole van the man. I grew up not that far from his patch and my ballyferris story is around the song area!! Ards Peninsula....a nowhere place that is everywhere...

  3. Jackqui - Do one thing every day that scares you!

    Gerry - It's very evocative isn't it? And I've never been there.

  4. Any of Jim Morrison's poetry readings in the Medd Collection? Have you checked Sean Connery's shpoken word vershion of In My Life.

    I prefer William Shat's take on Common People over the Pulp Original