Friday 16 July 2010


After 20 years at Medd Towers, Mrs. M and I have decided it's time to up sticks: we're moving. The For Sale board's up and, at weekends, our house is full of strangers asking us which way the back garden faces and what are our neighbours like. We smile politely and tell them what they want to hear. But that's only half the story; do you know how much junk you accumulate over two decades (that's on top of the junk you brought with you in the first place)? Suffice it to say that me and the Number One Son (when he's on shore leave from Uni) have been adding to Britain's landfill problem, while Mrs. M has been keeping Oxfam and Help The Aged afloat single handed.
Thanks to The Bright Ambassador for doing a deal on the Q magazines - just gotta sort out the Mojos, Uncuts, Notts County programmes, When Saturday Comes and all the other publications currently residing in the loft.
Please be assured, however, that all, I repeat all, vinyl, cassettes, minidiscs and CDs will be coming with us to the new place - that's a removal wagon in itself.

Macca: Junk


  1. Having moved several times in the last 10 years or so I can empathize! One house in particular I found very hard to leave (and have never since allowed myself to become emotionally attatched to a pile of bricks) and truly resented showing prospective buyers around with their "well we could change the decor" comments.
    I drive past that house often and still get a grrr in my head when I look at the plastic windows where there was once beautiful victorian stained glass sash.
    Anyway...Best of luck with the move John.

  2. I got the feeling that the lovely Mrs Medd was glad to see the back of those magazines. You can keep the 'Pie programmes though.
    I'd love your house if I had the cash. Love it round there, always reminds me of Festive Road off of Mr Benn. And the people of Edward and Trevelyan Roads are so easy going and understanding when it comes to parking outside their homes while you walk to the Theatre of Dreams.

  3. I'm almost scared of moving at the thought of having to face the contents of the loft. And we've only been here 8 years!

  4. It'll be a wrench, make no mistake. It's the longest I've ever lived anywhere: driving away for the last time will be very emotional.

  5. It's amazing how it all creeps up on you isn't it?! Just ONE CD here, 2 comics there, they don't take up any room do they??! Buy boy do they mount up! Glad to hear the music is all safe JM. Good luck, a v stressful time.

  6. I couldn't do it - we've just got too much clutter, and like you going back 20 years or more (which is why we've got cracks in the ceiling) has anyone ever covered Junk? Someone should?

    PS weren't tempted with Carole Bayer Sager's Moving Out

  7. When I do move it'll probably be The Jam's I've Changed My Address! Junk covers? John Denver and Sandie Shaw have both given it the once over. But, for me, this version by Cilla Black is probably the best: hope you have a lorra lorra fun listening to it. I'll get my coat.

  8. We're just about to tackle our loft, after thirteen years of cramming stuff into it. My hubby's injured so I'm going to be doing all the crawling around and whimpering about the spiders.

    It's bound to throw up some conflict. When I moved out of my Mums' twenty-odd years ago, I got rid of all old NMEs and Sounds from 1976-85, and I've regretted it ever since. What am I going to do when faced with all my back-issues of Word? Maybe we should just leave well alone.

    Good luck with your move - hope it's not too migraine-inducing.

  9. Oh I know - I wonder how it is possible to get so much crap in one house... I recently did impose a policy - only keep the last year maximum of guitar mags