Monday 19 February 2024

They've got it All

If you were to lay all the ex-members of the Fall end to end on the M61 you'd probably get moved on by the police. You'd also have your longlist for potential members of House of All. From that very long longlist they managed to narrow it down to just five who then thought it would be a good idea to channel the energy of Mark E Smith, their onetime leader and friend (mostly), and fashion a sound born out of a Manchester that barely resembles the city they first joined forces in.  

For what it's worth, and despite many reservations, I think it works. Lat year's album and the mini tour to promote it were well received, for the most part. Would MES have approved? Probably not, but that's hardly the point is it. I saw the Fall a couple of times and they were shambolic. But in a good way. What HOA will be like in a live situation is anyone's guess. But I'll blag a ticket if they keep going long enough. By which time I may have figured out what these lyrics are all about...

House of All - Turning of the Years (Marc Riley Session, 2023)

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