Wednesday 14 February 2024

I could be persuaded

I spoke about the John Barry Seven yesterday. (I know, I need to get out more.) I mentioned in particular a rather jaunty tune that was obviously based on Brubeck's Take Five - loads of sax and a time signature to tie you in knots. Today I want to talk about Barry's theme for a 1971 Lew Grade ITC show that paired Tony Curtis & Roger Moore and, with what must have been one hell of a budget, dropped two of the biggest movie stars of the day on location in Monaco. Throw in a few bronzed supermodels (long before leggy blondes were known as supermodels), a couple of car chases, the ubiquitous cheesy dialogue and, voila, The Persuaders was born. 

Barry's progression from Cutty Sark to The Persuaders is his Love Me Do to Her Majesty, his Hamburg to Apple rooftop; Barry was using a Moog for heaven's sake. Eat yer heart out, Keith Emerson.

Still, to these ears, one of the most haunting TV theme tunes. Ever.

John Barry - The Persuaders - Intro (1971)


  1. Yes! More TV themes from this era please.

  2. Oh yes - love this so much, definitely a favourite theme. Pure class.

    1. 'On the Buses' it wasn't. Barry's evocative theme smacked of seriousness, even though it was a knockabout kind of show. Other themes at the time were also doing it for me: World in Action, Weekend World, Doctor Who, even the Magic Roundabout. I bet you've got some that press all the right buttons.