Sunday 26 November 2023

Cast away our fears

Our good friend Alyson loves American West Coast grooves - Yacht Rock, if you will. She's put me on to so many great sounds from that (often overlooked) genre over the last few years that had hitherto passed me by; not least Seals & Crofts' We May Never Pass This Way Again. A song, I'm sure Alyson won't mind me telling you, she finds extremely moving (as do I). Alyson's not doing so great at the moment; but it will pass. She'll come back all fired up, stronger than ever. I know she will. Her mojo will rise again. This is for you, Alyson. 

Young Gun Silver Fox - Mojo Rising (from 2018's Record Store Day) 


  1. Lovely words, John. Hoping to speak to A tomorrow x

  2. A lovely post, John. Sending West Country positive thoughts and good vibes Alyson’s way.

  3. My first trawl round the blogs for months and I find this lovely post. Thanks for thinking of me and for that slice of yacht rock. Thanks too for those who left comments - I had a long chat with C earlier this week who has been a rock these past few months. Hope to return to my blog at some point and what better to return with but some yacht rock - will chose wisely. That Seals and Crofts song gave me the impetus to make BlogCons 22 and 23 happen. We may never pass this way again.


    1. It's so good to have you back, Alyson. We will pass this way again!