Wednesday 22 February 2023

Hot and fuzzy

When I read a band's bio and I see the phrase - 'Again the mainstream record buying public wanted no part of this nonsense' my ears always prick up. Who could possibly warrant such a public slap down? Stavely Makepeace, that's who. They would later become glam giants Lieutenant Pigeon; actually, they weren't glam giants at all. How could they be, they came from Coventry. Don't @me - for every Specials there's a Renee & Renato. But they did give us this slab of
1972 piano based tomfoolery - and for that we should be eternally grateful.
We should also be eternally grateful that they put this on the B side. As someone in the YouTube comments section below says 'I'd love to hear a 20 minute version of this.' So would I, my friend, so would I.

Lieutenant Pigeon - The Villain (1972)

Anyway, back to Stavely Makepeace. This charming little nugget (below) was released just before The Villain and, as you can hear, the seeds are being sown. And yes, Simon Pegg did use it to great effect many years later in Hot Fuzz.

Stavely Makepeace - Slippery Rock (1972)


  1. Mouldy Old Dough - piano played by Rob Woodwards mother (who was not part of Stavely Makepeace).
    Was Stavely Makepeace the sister of Harriet Makepeace in the 1980s ITV mis-matched Cops show
    (so mismatched, they ended up getting married)

    1. Indeed she was; Hilda Woodward was 60 when Mouldy Old Dough hit the Number One Slot in 1972. She'd lived thru two World Wars so making a record that shifted 2,000,000 copies would have just been a P.S on the end of an already full letter.