Monday 6 February 2023

Valley Girl

Sarah Lancashire (probably not in uniform)

I've got previous, just ask The Swede; Charity Chic should have known better than to leave a good idea unattended. It wasn't even padlocked to a lamp post for crying out loud. What did he expect?

So, Happy Valley, the BBC's latest pot boiler, bowed out last night in a blaze of glory. No plot spoilers from me - but if you haven't seen the final episode yet, better make sure you've got a fully functioning fire extinguisher in your kitchen; you never know when some knife wielding homicidal maniac will pop round and douse themselves in petrol. Back to Charity Chic. Yes, Valley songs: I'm all for 'em. Especially the Skids' Ahoy, Ahoy, Barman & Soda. (That is what he's singing isn't it?)

But this remains my fave: Moon Zappa - aged just 14 at the time - aping the archetypal Los Angeles teen persona for her old man while he kept the tape rolling.

Frank Zappa - Valley Girl (1982)

A huge thank you to CC for being such a good sport. Even though he doesn't know about this yet...


  1. I think I've committed the twin crime of never having seen a single minute of Happy Valley (yet) and owning the 12" single of Valley Girl (though in my defence I think it was to make up a 20 for £10 secondhand vinyl bundle at Plastic Wax Records in Bristol).

    1. Happy Valley was very good. And so was Moon Zappa in her own way.

  2. "It's like somebody else's food, it's like grody! Grody to the max!"

    Great stuff. Happy New Year John!

    1. And you too, H!

      Grody's such a great word, isn't it?

  3. No spoilers he says! Fortunately I watched it in real time and was willing the clock to slow down as coming up to the last 10 minutes there were a heck of a lot of loose ends to tie up. Luckily it was a longer episode to panic averted. What a drama though - the best for me so far this year (and we rewatched the previous two seasons in the run up).

    Just hopped over from CC's place, so between you, you've pretty much covered all the Valley songs. Great parody there - reminds me of the dialogue in Clueless and so many other films of that ilk. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Spoiler? Moi?! Surely not!

    It was well played out, wasn't it? Chapeau.