Sunday 15 January 2023

Cards on the table

On the back of writing a few words about my dotage I thought I'd just tell you a little story. One of my recent
pre-dotage, if you will, activities has been, occasionally, taking a deck of cards to the pub and playing a few hands. Good beer and a good game of cards I've found, especially when there's just been the two of us, is a really good combo and, as much as I like yakking, abbreviates the need for constant conversation. Anyway, last night we walked into one of our locals in Carrington and, as I'm waiting to be served at the bar, I glance across at a couple who are also playing cards; but not just any old game of cards - they're playing Five Crowns; a very niche game and a game we were introduced to by our friends up in Scotland. We've subsequently introduced it to others who in turn have spread the word. (We played it all over America on the many Amtrak trains we travelled on last year.) But seeing it played in a pub less than a mile from our house was still pretty cool. Long story short, we got chatting and they invited us to play the next game with them. And yes, before you ask, I did win! But they've agreed to a rematch where I'm sure they're hoping to even the score.


February's photo challenge

If you want to join in with next month's photo challenge - I'm asking for photos with a water theme; you can snap an outside tap, a puddle, a lake, a rainstorm - anything H2O related. Send me your photograph to john(at)johnmedd(dot)com or if you are on the BlogCon 23 WhatsApp group then ping them over to me on there. I'll post the images on 1st February.


  1. Much as I would love to find new friends by bringing a pack of cards to the pub I have an awful feeling I would end up attracting the local weirdos (no disrespect to weirdos). Having met you and Jenny though I can quite believe it could happen to you - enjoy the next meet-up and game.

    1. Surely not? You'll have to try it some time.

  2. Sounds brilliant - I do love the 'analogueness' of playing card games. There was a brief spell in my youth when an evening at a little village pub was mostly spent playing cards, lots of laughs to be had, us little bunch of punks, a geeky guy and a biker. Any chance you could teach us Five Crowns at BlogCon 23?