Sunday 19 December 2021

Please, please, please

Even the most diehard Smiths fans must wince at some of the stories they read about former frontman Morrissey; his recent overt right wing leanings alone are enough, you would have thought, to consign Steven Patrick Morrissey to Room 101. (No wonder The Simpsons were very rude about him.) And yet, and yet...

Anyone who can write a song so achingly beautiful as this can't be all bad. Can they? And when he changes the line 'Let me get what I want' to 'Let me have who I want', as he does here, then I for one have totally melted.

Morrissey - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

I recently got confirmation of my first gig of 2022. I'm playing Brady's Bar in Nottingham on 6 March and so thought 'Id do an arrangement of Please, Please, Please on the night. 


  1. It is very, very difficult being a Morrissey fan these days. Better to remember the days when he wasn't quite such an arsehole.

    1. Could be worse, Rol: I'm sure there are people out there still flying the flag for Clapton. Or Morrison.