Thursday 27 February 2020

"He's very clean"

John Junkin said it. John Lennon said it. "He's very clean" they both said. I know they were talking about Paul McCartney's grandfather, but my penchant for a bath most weekday nights, in addition to my daily morning shower and, well, I'm surprised sometimes I don't squeak. I'm hoping Carson Robison's theory that too much bathing will weaken you is not based in fact.


  1. Last time I watched the film that was the most memorable line. Poor old Steptoe.

    As for baths, we had a chap round yesterday to discuss the installation of our new bathroom and apparently people are now going for large shower cubicles instead. They will soon be a quaint thing of the past, like Beatles films.

    1. A world without baths? Surely not.

    2. Apparently it's what people want in the 21st century. We've decided to go old skool however.