Tuesday 24 September 2019

Tommy this and Tommy that

I may have a thing about Led Zeppelin tribute bands; I said as much here, and here. And, after my recent to the west coast of Scotland, I could soon be hurtling down a similar rabbit hole with Clash copycats.

It comes on the back of me seeing the above flyer in a cracking little music boozer in Dumfries - imagine a low rent O2 crossed with the Clansman and you've got the picture. And what a picture. The Tommy Guns have utilised that iconic photo of Don Letts squaring up to the rozzers during the Notting Hill Carnival Riots of 1976 to great effect.

Like Zeppelin, names for Clash tribute bands almost fall out of the sky: Radio Clash; Police & Thieves; the White Riots; London Calling; Complete Control; They Shoot Pigeons Don't They; Combat Rock; Burning London; the list goes on.

As an aside, I used to work alongside a fella called Tommy Dunne. And if you listen carefully to this masterpiece by the New Piccadillys* you'll hear not only Complete Control, but also a final Tommy Gun flourish.

The New Piccadillys - Complete Control (2019)

* A huge thank you to The Swede for pointing me in the direction of this slice of brilliantness (seeing Joe and Mick behind the glass in Supermarionation is, as TS said, genius).


  1. Very cruel of you to bury They Shoot Pigeons Don't They in the middle of a sentence. I had a mouthful of coffee at the time of reading, which very nearly ended up all over the screen of my laptop. Brilliant.
    Don't forget the very real Chuck Prophet led Clash tribute band The Spanish Bombs, who come together occasionally to perform the London Calling album in its entirety. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AryR6fPNa8Y

    1. I do like the look (and sound) of the Spanish Bombs.

      Unfortunately I never saw the Clash live - though I did see both Strummer and Carbon Silicon many, many times - so a tribute band may well have to scratch that itch.