Friday 24 May 2019

Could you be more Pacific?

808 State's Pacific State* was "the song that made a nation chill out." So said some hack at the Independent; and, you know what, I think they were spot on. "Mellow but insistent beats", they went on to say, "a light garnishing of wildlife noises, and a soprano sax threading through it like a viper in the Eden undergrowth."

What then, would it sound like if a brass band got hold of it and transcribed the dots for cornets and euphoniums?

Pretty much like this I guess, from the album 'Acid Brass':

The William Fairey Brass Band - Pacific 202 (1997)

* Graham Massey - 808 State head honcho - once said "there's about 42 different versions of Pacific. Pacific 707 is the single we put out on ZTT."

808 State - Pacific 707 (1989)


  1. Ah, lovely stuff - A palindromic piece of music!

    1. I guess not for nothing are you a fan of Aha.

  2. To be perfectly accurate (pedant alert), they are a-ha complete with italicised letter a's, so it wouldn't work. I wrote about all this palindromic stuff over at my place but don't be deterred by the link name (which I can't change), as I've since had to do a fair bit of "erasing".