Monday 6 May 2019

You Can't be too Strong

Phonogram RIP

Unlike other stand alone record labels, Phonogram was never a label per se, but an umbrella company with a host of catch all labels in its stable including Philips, Mercury, and Vertigo. As with so many other labels and imprints it was subsumed by Universal Music; any identity these labels retain today is purely nostalgic. Which is probably why I paint them.

One of Vertigo's star players from the seventies was the maverick Graham Parker. His silky skills provided the perfect counterpoint to the emerging punk and new wave. I love this song.

Graham Parker - You Can't be too Strong (1979)


Postscript 12.11.19

I've been meaning to post this for a while - it's just Parker and his acoustic guitar recreating the same song 40 years later (he replicated the whole album that way as an anniversary type thang).


  1. It's one of those logos which is just so perfect in its simplicity. Love the way you paint them.
    Re. GP, whilst I never got into him, I appreciate now more than I ever could have at the time his place in the whole late '70s scene.

    1. It's never too late to discover the Parkerilla! He's coming back to these shores in Nov/Dec for an acoustic tour. I'm hoping to get along to at least one of the dates.

  2. They made the cheapest singles though, thin, brittle clickey clackety things with moulded labels. Only Polydor were worse. Were they Phonogram too?

    1. I never liked moulded labels!

      In answer to your question, H - yes.