Sunday 4 November 2018

Black & White, and Red All Over

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For those of you who are blissfully unaware of Bands FC, I strongly suggest you take a peek and bring yourself up to speed. Bands reimagined as football emblems/badges is an idea so simple, yet is the sort of lightbulb moment we all dream of having.
And with the, quite literally, thousands of both bands and football team to harvest, it's the gift that just keeps on giving.

Their exhibition is coming to town next month so I'll be sure to give it a good coat of looking at. Living in Nottingham we of course have two quality teams plying their trade in the city - Notts County and Notts County Reserves. Just kidding: Nottingham Forest play on one side of the River Trent, County on the other. When Brian Clough was in charge at the City Ground they said he used to walk on the very water that divides them; love him or loathe him, his presence is still felt around these parts.

And to show I have no axe to grind with the Reds, I'll lead with this. Forest rebranded as the Cure. And why would that be, I hear you ask. Quite simple really - it's that song innit?

And who else but Sleaford Mods could they have got for the County gig? I first wrote about them back in October 2014 and championed the excellent Tied Up In Nottz (you c*nt). And it still sounds every bit as powerful now as it did then.


  1. You are right John - a brilliant concept.
    Eagerly awaiting the exhibition making it over Hadrian's Wall

    1. They may be playing fast and loose with both football and bands, but that's precisely what I like about the whole thing.

      If the mountain won't come to Mohamed...

  2. It's such a great concept, isn't it, I've always loved the blend of music, graphics, logos etc in any form.
    Talking of which - have been meaning to recommend this blog to anyone with similar appreciation of the visuals if they've not already seen it (have been hoping to get round to a post on the subject some time but don't hold your breath!)

    1. Yes! The Stones' lips, Motorhead, the Ramones - all logos that have long since taken on a life form all of their own.

      For what it's worth, the Monkees' guitar has aways been my personal fave - now seen only at Medd Towers after nightfall as my 'sleepng Tee Shirt' of choice.

  3. Such a great idea - It's always the simplest ones.