Tuesday 27 November 2018

Taking Back Control? It's Just an Illusion

In June 2016's EU Referendum 52% of the UK population (it's been argued this majority comprised mainly the elderly, less well educated and the less well off) saw the phrase Taking Back Control, turned it into a mantra and made it their primary reason for pulling out of Europe; being free of the EU and being able to trade with anyone we wanted to.

With a deal now put forward by our hapless Prime Minister that effectively still ties us to the EU (but with none of the benefits of being in the EU), and our biggest ally, the United States, giving us the middle finger and potentially vetoing any future trade deals with them, I wonder what they see now?


  1. Whatever anyone voted for - they're not getting it. We were asked a Yes/No question to a multiple choice answer..

    If you were buying a house and the sellers were being investigated for criminal activity and illegal funding, the initial representatives had walked away and 22 more employees had resigned while countless showdowns with the boss were ongoing, and financial heavy-hitters were petitioning not to proceed, and advising you might lose at least 5% equity the moment you move in - only a platinum plated nit-wit would decide to see things through....

    And if these are the problems before moving in - can you imagine what lumpy future lies ahead? The future's brown - not orange...

    As for 52% to win, you need a bigger margin of error for a speeding ticket....and for all the gammon-faced chumps championing Churchill quotes and Britain rebuilding after the war, need to remember *that* was a government investing in the state, education and NHS for the long-term benefit of the country. Not this current bunch who are set on asset stripping what scraps they've reduced those services to

  2. You're pushing at an open door here Brother Mondo. I wouldn't trust this lot to wind my watch; let alone stand any chance of pulling off one of the most foolhardy political plans ever to have been hatched this side of the dawn of time.

  3. Who wants Trump's chlorinated chicken anyway?!

  4. Agreed with all of the above. As I read somewhere recently (wish I could remember where) people were voting for what represented the things they didn't want. No-one was voting for what they want, because nobody knows what that's actually going to be!

  5. It's still unbelievable that we're actually considering following through with all this madness. If one lone sane voice doesn't stick their head above the parapet and apply the brakes to the whole thing pretty fucking sharpish then we are leaving a world of pain for our kids and our kids' kids. But you know that already.