Tuesday 26 December 2017

King of a One Horse Town

A very convivial day yesterday, including a lovely session at our spiritual local - a big thank you to Joe, Dan, Ella, Carly, Lulu, David, Judith, John Otway and everyone we've met at Doctor's Orders since our return in the Summer for making us feel so welcome.

Back to Medd Towers for curry, crackers and choons: Chiggins' mix tape (as ever, sans track listing) made for compulsive - without prejudice - listening. A quick email to Chris to establish the who, what, where and how and we had a perfect accompaniment for our late, very late, lunch.

The email was purely to establish the identity of Track 6 sitting between God Bless This Acid House and Kite; you know that annoying feeling when you recognise the voice but can't quite nail it? Anyway, it was Dan Auerbach (matey out of the Black Keys) and Waiting on a Song from his solo album of the same name released in June of this year. The penny dropped. I love it. Almost enough to nudge Pugwash off the podium; almost, but not quite.

Dan Auerbach - Waiting on a Song

And then, this morning, once you have a foothold you can begin climbing the whole bloody mountain. Try this for size - from the same album. (Funnily enough, and for what it's worth, I know quite a lot about one horse towns.)

Dan Auerbach - King of a One Horse Town

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