Sunday 25 June 2017

Always room for a couple of beers

It's late Sunday afternoon and I'm feeling a little tired and a little reflective. But nothing too heavy - especially after the excesses of last night.
I have James to thank for pointing me in the direction of this; it's cheesy for sure, but as a metaphor for life it probably hits the N on the H. I think if I was starting out all over again I would love someone to sit me down and show me this film.
Remember, no matter how full your life is, there's always room for a couple of beers with friends.


  1. Yes. We had a couple of beers with friends last night. So glad we had room for them - absolutely!

  2. N on the H, absolutely. Cheers! *raises virtual glass*

  3. That was an excellent little film - We all know it's true but we need to be reminded every now and again. I have a work "do" tonight that I was toying with giving a miss - Think I'll go now!