Wednesday 28 December 2016


It was my birthday today. And I've had a great day. James and Janneke made it special. Janneke showed me how to make a Gibson. And an Espresso Martini. And she's going to knit me a bespoke scarf. James on the other hand is taking his old man to the Royal Albert Hall next year to see Seu Jorge perform The Life Equatic live.

2017 will be a year of changes. And lots of them. Some bigger than others, but changes nonetheless.

Seu Jorge: Changes


  1. Belated birthday greetings John - glad to hear you had a good 'un. Here's hoping that all our wishes come true in 2017.
    (Espresso Martini? Why sully the perfect beverage with alcohol?)

    1. Thank you.

      Why? Give it a spin and then get back to me; then *you* will be telling *me* why!

  2. Happy birthday to you for yesterday and here's to a happy 2017 with changes purely of the positive nature!
    Btw I like the sound of the Espresso Martini...

  3. Belated birthday greetings, John.