Saturday 24 December 2016

Blinded When I Met You

By now the eagled eyed among you will have spotted that I haven't yet compiled a single 'Best Of' list for the year just gone. And nor will I be doing. That said, I've been absolutely staggered this year by the quality and sheer brilliance of new material by my peers at the two Songwriters Circles I frequent. Songs by local writers & performers such as Martin Heaton, David Swann, Matt Beer, Rowena Simpson and Peter Lister would not be out of place in anyone's Top 10, least of all mine.

And a special mention must go to Paul Lewis. I've mentioned on here before that, not only is he the most consistently brilliant writer, but also the most prolific - if York had a Brill Building, Paul would definitely live there. I know I'm not alone when I say I love this song:

Paul Lewis: Blinded When I Met You


  1. John, you are a star. Have a good Christmas

  2. This is lovely. You're part of a very talented bunch, that's for sure. Talking of which, when do we get to hear some more of your new songs John?

    1. I just bask in their reflected glory.

      Happy Christmas - I *am* buying you that pint in '17.

  3. Totally with you on this song John. How does he do it?!
    And Wow! thank you for listing me in amongst those other names, I'm totally grateful for the encouragement you've given me. Happy Christmas.