Wednesday 16 November 2016

Then and Now

If yesterday's selection was a (strong, I think) contender to kick-off a soul infused, late night, bluesy, jazzy mixtape, then today's choice would, almost certainly, bookend it.

Grover Washington is a big noise in this house; although anything from 1980's Winelight, surely the benchmark for all smooth jazz, would have been the bookies favourite, Stolen Moments, from his 1988 Then and Now album, shows Grover really was a contender. And this stylish Oliver Nelson cover is a perfect way to end proceedings.

So there you go - the lazy arse way to putting together a compilation album - the beginning and the end. What happens in between would only get messy. A bit like life, really.

Stolen Moments


  1. I really liked that, it takes me back to my Dad listening to jazz records with a glass of something and a cigar, I think he would have liked this too.

  2. I'm so glad you like it Suzie. If I ever join the dots and finish this mixtape, I'll give you a copy.