Saturday 5 November 2016


West Ham Utd are, it would appear, in a spot of bother: problems on the field, and just as many off. There is something perversely just that the east London club's owners have, in their money grubbing haste to flee their spiritual home at Upton Park, brought The Hammers into the 21st. century and, yet, at the same time, dragged them back to the dark days of street fighting hooliganism made (in)famous in the 1970s.

When will those in charge of this now morally bankrupt game get it into their thick skulls that fans don't want to watch their team play in some soulless athletic stadium with a running track around the pitch? Gone is the very notion of touch line seating, and giving the opposition's left half the benefit of your opinion as he's about to take a corner kick. And something tells me that getting a cup of Bovril at halftime time is probably not an option

No wonder then that disgruntled supporters would rather rip up their (not so cheap) seats and knock seven bells out of the visitors than watch the game through a pair of binoculars.What would Bobby Moore think? Or Clyde Best? And where's Alf bleedin' Garnett when you need him?


  1. I have a friend who's been a season ticket holder at West Ham for 20 years. She, like many in the seats around her, hates the new soulless location. Conversely, my Aunt, who has lived a couple of hundred yards from Upton Park for over 40 years, is very happy indeed.

    1. TS: this is too good an opportunity to miss - would your friend and/or your aunt care to answer a few questions about the whole Upton Park upheaval thing? I would love to heir their views on Wexit.

    2. I'm going to stay with my Aunt on Tuesday for a week or so. Happy to ask her anything you'd like me to. Ditto my chum.