Sunday 28 August 2016

Atlantic Crossing

'Atlantic' (Acrylic on canvas 12" x 9")
When we first took the Number One Son across the pond to New York City we did all the usual touristy stuff - Times Square, Central Park, the Chrysler Building, Empire State, Greenwich Village and, of course, Liberty Island.

As a Beatles nut (like his old man), James was keen to recreate John Lennon's iconic photo shoot in front of the Statue of Liberty. Who was I to deny him?


  1. Nice pic, John. I've often wondered if the two-fingered V was always destined to have a starring role in the promotional image of "The U.S. vs. John Lennon".

  2. It was. Although the photo was taken in 1974, it would be another two years till Lennon officially shook off the 'excludable alien' tag and was granted his Green Card.
    I've written about this before, but check out The Immigrant by his friend Neil Sedaka who wrote the powerful song in support of Lennon's struggle with the American authorities.