Saturday, 21 May 2016

I was too blind to see

Carl Hetherington has presided over all my recordings since 2012. Pickering Place and Chip Off The Old Block were both recorded at the congenial Oakwood Studios - on the outskirts of York - with Carl at the helm. Not only is he a fabulous producer (his knob-twiddling skills are legendary in this part of the world) but also a fine piano player. We recorded three songs just before I went to Madrid – Hey Hey Hey, Days Like This and Fool. Fool is one of the saddest songs I’ve ever written. And that’s saying something, by the way. I asked Carl to tinkle the ivories on this one and in so doing I think we’ve succeeded in really swathing it in melancholia.

John Medd - Fool (© John Medd 2016)


  1. Hi John just came across your site tonight I have enjoyed your music this one (fool) is a bit sad as you said but I thought Chip off the old block was fantastic I would enjoy hearing more. Enjoyed your web/blog site also it made good reading and was very entertaining I don't know ware you find the energy to do it all but keep it up. (have I just seen you on TV recently?) Your old friend, Tony.

    1. Identify yourself Tony. I know several Tonys!