Sunday 22 May 2016

Pretty girls at bus stops - an occasional series

Taking photographs in Madrid is like shooting fish in a barrel - everything (and nearly everybody) practically begs you to point your camera at them. Five days away and my Canon's memory card was reaching capacity: from the Royal Palace and Puerta del Sol to the Plaza Mayor and Gran Via I've snapped it all. I've even got an offbeat bunch of themed shots of shop & bar fronts which I may put up here sometime in the future.

But, my favourite photo of the whole week comes courtesy of a respectable business man waiting patiently for his bus. I saw him directly opposite the little tapas bar where we were having breakfast.


  1. Am I the only one, whose first thought on seeing this photo was, 'they still have C&A in Spain?'

  2. "She's so stupid, the only reason she shops at C&A is so she knows which way round to put her knickers on..."