Friday 17 July 2015

You can push things to the back of your mind, but you can never forget

In the space of a couple of months I've read Ben Watt's charming memoir Romany & Tom and Patient, his frightening account of how he nearly died in 1992. And now I can't stop playing Hendra - his 2014 collaboration with Bernard Butler. I've been a bit tearful of late, what with all that's been going on, and this stripped down version of Never Forget, performed in London's St. Pancras Old Church last year, certainly hasn't helped.

If you like this,  you must check out Ben's KEXP live session, again with Bernard Butler.


1 comment:

  1. A lovely song. I've heard very little from 'Hendra', but what I have heard has really hit home. 'Romany & Tom' was excellent, 'Patient' is on the never-ending list.
    Sending you my best John.