Saturday 25 July 2015

The Jigsaw Man

'I'd rather be doing a jigsaw' Gordon Medd (right) c.1953 
Dad's coming up to see us for a few days. It'll do him good. He's hitting the Great North Road just after lunch and should be with us by mid-afternoon. It'll be a first - with no backseat driver to point out the shortcomings of his driving skills, 'You're too close Gordon', he should be able to set a new PB.

I call him the Jigsaw Man because he's always got a jigsaw on the go: 500 pieces, 1000 pieces, solid colour ones, ones with no pictures on the box, double sided ones - you name it, he'll fix it.

We've got a full itinerary lined up for him. I rang him last night to confirm his booking: 'I'm just packing', he said, 'are we going anywhere with a dress code?'

'Dad, believe me, the places I'm taking you definitely don't have a dress code.'

My dad mustn't be confused with former Everton striker Stuart Barlow who was also, rather cruelly, known as Jigsaw because he always went to pieces in the box.


  1. I wish I'd known about Mr Medd Snr's fondness for the jigsaw when I was clearing out Mum's house. She worked at several charity shops in her later years and was the designated jigsaw puzzle checker for all of them - she had piles of the things waiting to be ok'd, in cupboards, under tables, you name it. I could've supplied your Dad with enough to keep him occupied for years. They all went back to charity shops in their unchecked state.

  2. I understand he's also going to visit some old haunts? I hope he enjoys the change of scene and that you have a lovely time together....will you be breaking out a jigsaw?