Saturday 11 July 2015

We only steal them

Beer by Black Donkey (legs c/o Suzie Medhurst)
In the 18th century the good folk of Roscommon (Rossies) would raid their neighbours in East Galway and steal their sheep. No big deal; I can think of worse sheep related crimes.

Fast forward 200+ years and, as part of the burgeoning craft beer scene in Ireland, Black Donkey Brewing are commemorating this ancient pastime with a sensational beer called, you guessed it, Sheep Stealer. On the pilgrimage to our maternal grandmother's home last weekend (a weekend filled with joy and sadness), a number of these bad boys were consumed.

A big thank you to Gleeson's for making our stay both a memorable and poignant one.


  1. I guess when you get to the bar and can no longer enunciate the words Sheep Stealer, you know that you've had enough.

  2. We did show a great liking for lamb while we were there, it must be in the genes.
    (I've put some photos of our trip on line now.)