Friday 20 March 2015


I was lucky enough to get a couple of snaps of the solar eclipse earlier today.

Although 1999 was probably better - I remember the birds stopped singing fifteen years ago - it was still a pretty magical morning. This may or may not be the Corona; I like the word so that's what I'm calling it.


  1. We had total cloud cover, so saw nothing. It got quite dusk-like though and the birds were temporarily confused into silence. Later in the morning there were clear blue skies. Typical.

    1. Same here, TS, being not far away, but it did get eerily dark didn't it? I was so preoccupied with something I just thought, ooh that's weird, maybe it's going to rain - and only twigged that it was the eclipse afterwards, d'oh... the problem with working here on my own yesterday. In 1999 it was a major event at the office where I was working - definitely something to behold communally!

      Lovely photos, John - Corona sounds good to me.

  2. It was cloudy here too but just as it was finishing The sun appeared with a bite out of it. 1999 was magical, I'll always remember being on the beach with the children and the birds heading off to roost ( a murmuration of starlings) and how cold it became