Tuesday 12 August 2014

Missing cousins

I hadn't seen Suzie in nearly 40 years. But about two years ago I received an email that contained in its subject box the words 'Are you the John Medd that used to live in Grantham?' The email read 'If you are,  I have a photo of us together and you're wearing a most remarkable shirt.' I may be paraphrasing. And it was signed 'Suzie, your cousin - though everyone calls me Susan these days.' I simply replied 'Yes.'

That shirt
The next thing I knew another email arrived enclosing a photograph of us taken at a family wedding in 1975 - the last time we saw each other. And of course I remembered Suzie (and the shirt) vividly. Suzie not least because whenever we visited her I was always struck dumb by her bedroom: it was, quite literally, covered from top to bottom in Marc Bolan posters. Walls, ceiling, mirrors, every square inch of her room was given over to The Jeepster himself. The shirt because, as I told her when she came up on Friday for a 24 hour smash and grab visit, I loved that shirt so much I'm actually thinking of going to a tailor, with the photograph, and asking him to reproduce it - albeit several sizes larger.

Anyway, we stayed up 'til 7 o'clock in the morning drinking wine spodeeodee and generally playing catch up. But by the time the sun came up I'd be hard pushed to tell you most of what we'd been talking about. Though I can remember, quite clearly, her telling me that she went to see Marc Bolan and T Rex in the spring of 1977 not long before he wrapped his Mini round a tree in Barnes. She said he was back on form and it was also the tour he'd got The Damned supporting him. Sorry Suzie, you're going to have to come back again and tell me all that other stuff again.


  1. It's probably best consigned to oblivion John! It was great, even going to bed at dawn when we had to get up and meet more family.... I'm really not sure how I managed it. Wish I still had some of the Bolan ephemera, the film negatives and autograph would buy a few rounds now!

  2. I'll tell you my tale of familial drift and long lost brothers one day J, And of course music was the key at the big meet. More on this later,,,,,

  3. Ah, great photos - both of them. So brilliant that you managed to reunite after 40 years, wow.

  4. S - Staying up 'til daybreak felt quite naughty in some way. I must do it more often.
    M - I'm standing by my fax machine...
    C - Wow indeed. It was so good to meet and catch up.