Wednesday 11 June 2014

They call them The Belfast Boys

'Two of Us'
Ray and Jack went to see a production of Let it Be at the Grand Opera House this week. Holding a Doctorate in The Fab Four (Mark Lewisohn has my cousin's number on speed dial), Ray would have been making copious notes throughout the evening: was Macca holding his thumbs aloft at the right angle? Was George doing that little shimmy he used to do just before he played a solo? That sort of thing.

Jack on the other hand would have been considering the pros and cons of crowd surfing. And whether or not they were selling tubs in the foyer at half time.


  1. Ah, bless! I hope they had a great time . In my Life was played at my best friend's funeral a couple of months ago and there wasn't a dry eye.....

    1. I'm sure there wasn't Suzie. Ray used it as the soundtrack to a slideshow he'd put together for the McNamara reunion last November. After seeing every relation I have on Lola's side (and then some), the last photograph was of grandma on her own and Lennon singing 'In my life I loved you all.'

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