Tuesday 25 June 2013

It's not rocket science

I have a new toy. The Prof gave it to me when he came back from a land down-under. However, to get the full effect of a boomerang you need space: plenty of open space. Such is our Summer this year we had a big old empty beach to ourselves on Sunday last; the tide was out, the deckchair attendants had been rained off and there wasn't a soul in sight. Perfect conditions. Playtime.

Throwing a boomerang is easier than you think; catching a boomerang when it comes back to you (and come back to you it does) is not. It's impossible. It will find you like a heat seeking missile; sticking your hand out to retrieve it is foolhardy, not to say downright dangerous. We were lucky we weren't decapitated - you can't take your eye off it for a second. If you do it'll have your eye out. Nothing's so sure.

So, to sum up: anybody can throw a boomerang. Nobody can catch one. And never turn your back on one. I'm hooked.

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