Monday 17 June 2013

How to dismantle a tax return

You don't have to scratch your head for too long to come up with reasons to dislike U2's lead singer - the oversize ego, the silly glasses, phoning the Pope on stage, the coveting of hats,  killing wretched children with his hand clapping; I know, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

But the main reason Bono is so despised is down to his and his band's reluctance to pay tax. U2 are up there with Google, Amazon and Starbucks with their virulent approach to tax evasion. When they moved their operations from Eire to the Netherlands it didn't just deprive the Irish economy of much needed funds: U2, and companies and individuals who currently share a similar cavalier attitude when dealing with the taxman, are costing the global economy an eye watering 160 billion dollars every year. That's enough to wipe out child poverty. And then some. Think about that next time I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For comes on the radio.


  1. Yes, there are very many reasons to hate Bono. U2's tax evasion should only have been expected. Tossers.

  2. Too appalled by this man to comment.

  3. Not much of a vox pop I know, but 3 out of 3 readers can't stand him. Which, I guess, is reassuring; I wouldn't like to think of my Blog as a safe haven for Bonophiles©