Tuesday 12 February 2013


Bob Dylan & The Heartbreakers

He calls himself a song and dance man; though these days his critics tend not to concur. I dug this b**tleg out last night and was pleasantly surprised to hear that as (relatively) recently as 1986 Dylan still had chutzpah. In spades. Maybe it was having Seargent Petty on parade with him that night, but Positively 4th Street never sounded so, well, positive.

Bob Dylan + Tom Petty: Positively 4th Street


  1. I've seen ol' Bob in concert a fair few times over the years and witnessed occasional stabs at 'P 4th St'. I don't recall hearing a version as sharp as this one though.

  2. Spunky version. That tour produced some good stuff.

  3. I saw this tour at Madison Square Garden. I like Petty's band since the gel so well. It was the best, rocking Dylan tour I ever saw, and I've seen him many times and in many different incarnations. The Band tour in 1974 and his Hard Rain tour were great, but a little too much energy in the performances.

    Here is another rendition of "I'll Remember You" with Petty and the band. A beautiful one, true to the original.

    I have one question.

    Do the "Smartest Monkees" fall from the trees?

  4. S/SB: Sharp and Spunky: sounds like a double act.
    PTL: I have one question for you: how can you have too much energy?

    1. If you're a Type-A personality then you can't. Some of us like to have balance in our lives at least some of the time.
      To me those tours sounded as though Bob was severely cranked up.

      Anyway, mellow out mon, turn the frown around!

  5. That is so good. Makes me want to cry