Sunday 24 February 2013


Despite sharing his initials Jeff Lynne can never be John Lennon. He may well have worked with Paul, George and Ringo and built a sound (and a career) around A Day In The Life, but he will always be a Bootleg rather than a Fifth Beatle.

He can, however, take this Lennon quote to the grave as and when his time comes. (Audio from 0:13)

And for providing the soundtrack to the climax of Bill Murray's Kingpin, I can't thank him enough.


  1. I'm still aggrieved by how he overproduced the two new Anthology songs some time back (buried under studio 'stuff'), but I loved E.L.O. back in the day, and found the early 2000s album Zoom to be extremely good (with some George and Ringo on a few tracks as well). If you see it buy it, you will not be sorry. But for a real treat get hold of Lynne's late '60s recordings with a Birmingham group called Idle Race (previously Mike Sheridan & the Nightriders or somesuch in the pre-psych beat group era)!

  2. Thanks for that Rebecca. I'm obviously playing Devil's Advocate here: I'm actually quite partial to the bearded one and still think Armchair Theatre was a mini classic.