Saturday 15 September 2012

Gilbert Green

Come 1967 it would be time to walk alone

In the summer of  1967 when Paul McCartney and the boys were off discovering India, acid and all things psychadelic, his old mucker from Liverpool, Gerry Marsden, wasn't having such a swinging time of it.

Despite The Pacemakers making history when their first three 45s went straight to Number One, the glory days were behind them. In '66 Marsden disbanded the combo and instead concentrated on the light entertainment end of the business. But when he stumbled across this little ditty penned by the Gibb brothers, Marsden got as near to putting flowers in his hair as he would ever get: it's Penny Lane and Fool On The Hill all rolled up together. And it's a belter.

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  1. This a great version to the Bee Gees Song. In this version have the wonderfull Bill Shepherd's arrangement. Gibb Brothers are the most better songwriters and singers of the all times.